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Energy Conservation Practices:

Help reduce the demand for crude oil:
Go to a four day work week.
Income tax breaks for living closer to work
Buy a hybrid or diesel car (the next one you buy might be both).
Actually car pooling is better than using a hybrid by yourself.
Best of all don't take the car to work! - take a train or bus.
More broadly Support, Champion and Use Public Transportation.

55 tips to save gasoline and $$$ when you do drive your car !

A Forum that promotes energy conservation:

Help reduce the demand for electricity:

Think to turn things off!
Use screw in Fluorescent light bulbs! Figure your savings by doing so!
Better yet - get LED light bulbs.
Replace old inefficient appliances with properly sized and efficient ones.
Dry your clothes on the clothes line.
Caulk cracks around windows, add additional insulation and improve weather stripping around doors.

If you own a business be familiar with these Systems!

DE--Distributed Energy
CHP--Combined Heat & Power
CCHP--Combined Cooling, Heating & Power
HVAC- Heating, Ventilation & Air-condition Systems

Contact Invent Horsepower with additional ideas for conserving energy and I will consider adding them to the above list.

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