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Uniport Valve, a double acting valve

This site promotes this valve
in the:
Dual Pressure Intake Engine

Invent Horsepower (home)
Conservation Practices

Dual  Pressure Intake Engine
More Applications For the Uniport Valve
Investment Opportunities

Promoting Conservation:
       'Move' work - closer to home => Find a remote office center!
       Moving? - What is a neighborhood's "Walk Score"? Find out before you buy!
       EPA suggestions: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle- or do you prefer these 4 Rs =>Rebuy, Recover (landfill gas), Recharge, Replant,  or ....?
       Have the Fix-It Club help you practice the 3-Rs!
       Calculate the $avings by using Fluorescent light bulbs!
       Alliance to Save Energy

Save on Heat and
New Solar Air Heating - Bring the Sun's warm feel into your home!
      Reduce your utility bill by getting a Solar Hot Water Heater!
      Heat with: Geothermal Heat Pumps - Also find conventional heat pumps.
      Explanation of Solar lighting  => from the U. S. Department of Energy
      Make your roofs green, with Plants
      CALMAC--Thermal Energy Storage and Off-Peak Cooling, They have machines that make ice during the night so it can be used to cool during mid day.
      Are you heating too much space and losing that heat out of too many windows? This would not be a problem if the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company designed a home.
The Last Straw  - Find out how to Build a straw house. Also read this CNN Article about a happy straw bale home owner!
      This BBC report tells how Stockholm's Central Station transfers commuters body heat to an adjoining building.

Generating Electricity:
       Luminescent Solar Concentrators - allows windows to concentrate light for solar cells - thus making PVC more economical to use (in research phase).
       The Geothermal Energy Association's goals for Geothermal Power.
      Solar to electric film that can act as siding, roofing, etc...
      Concentrating Solar Dish - Stirling System  - More efficient than PV panels!
        For small hydroelectric projects - Hydro Power Turbine Systems!
      Get a small wind generator => Southwest Windpower
      Global Thermoelectric thermocouples convert waste heat into electricity.

Generate Electricity and use the Waste Heat (CHP):

      Find a Distributed Energy System that fits your commercial or personal needs!
      CPC Power in Colorado  Community Power Corporation - develops modular bio-power DE systems for developing and developed countries.
      Whisper Tech : Developers Of WhisperGen, The Low Maintenance Home Heat & Power Generator And Stirling Engines Their small units are largely marketed for boats.      

Engine Design:
      C-Max by MIRENCO improves fuel efficiency by reducing exhaust smoke!
      Dual Fuel conversions for high output engines - Energy Conversions Inc.!
      A forum for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) - Might be better for fleet vehicles!

Renewable Fuels:
      Wikipedia's biogas information - a Natural Gas substitute.
      BioDiesel and Ethanol Information
      Make your own biodiesel with the help of  the Ester Machine
      Wood Burning Stoves are more efficient than fireplaces.  This one operates Outdoors. 

Efficient Transportation:
      The Speed Limit is a Limit - The graph to the left shows how MPG is effected by speed (Click here to see the source of this Speed vs MPG graph - and other driving tips)
      Skip the Plane - Take the Train - a group promoting train travel. If you are already so inclined here is a link for: Amtrak!
      Consider Van Pooling! If you don't have it in your area, explore the good aspects of a Van Pooling system by downloading this PDF file.
      Greenride - Have your company buy this Software to organize car pooling while saving $$$. See other benefits too!
      These  Cities Are Already Setup For Rideshare?  Rent and use a car only when public transportation won't get you there!
      Connect with a TAXI - in the USA or Great Briton!
      Buying a Car - check this page out at  This page also reminds you to check your tires and to map your route!
      Hybrid Cars Search for the right Hybrid for YOU!
      Diesel Cars Sold in the USA  They are about 30% more efficient than the gas equivalent
      Tubular Rail commuter transportation without the high construction costs associated with building monorail and conventional commuter rails in urban areas.
      ZAP - Electric Scooter  -  Maybe no safer than a motorcycle, but cleaner and quieter!
      Bicycle Links - LOOK at the "BIKE" links that would not fit on this page!