Peaucellier Straight Line Generator!

    I thought it fitting that Peaucellier Straight Line Mechanisms should draw some of the straight lines in 'Peaucellier'. The first one shown or the one that does everything but the P is how I most often see the Mechanism demonstrated. The one that does draw the P using the inside of the rhombus and the arc of the driving crank is the same as the first except the crank is longer so that it can connect to the "far end" of the rhombus.  In both cases however the crank's pivot point needs to be the same distance from the other static point as it's acting length is. The other conditions that need to be meet (using the coloring of the animation to the lower left as the reference) are that all four red links need to be the same length (this group has already been refered to as a rhombus) and the two blue links need to be the same length. The animation below-left shows two mechanisms demonstrated in an overlapping way to help show their similarities. And below-right you will see that the rhombus sides can be larger than the pair of swinging arms they attach to.

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Pair of Peaucellier Mechanisms   

My interest in these straight line generators was largely the result of looking for mechanisms that could help actuate a double acting valve for which I own a patent. Please visit the home page of this site: to learn more about this valve.

Hopefully you find the above pattern interesting!
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