Simulation Specifications
Dual Pressure Intake Engine

Four Cycle CI - Diesel Engine

(Power can be added or subtracted from turbine shaft to crankshaft)
Number of Cylinders= 16
Displacement = 16,038. cubic in.
Diameter of Bore= 10.40 in.
Stroke Length= 11.8 in.
Connecting Rod length= 25.00 in.
Compression Ratio= 16.4
Temp. of Compressor Intake= 29.4 C
Pressure of Compressor Intake= 1.0 atm
Combustion Efficiency= .984
Equivalence Ratio= .6897
Turbine efficiency= .80
Compressor efficiencies= .75
After-cooler efficiencies= .70

The Baseline Engine Uses a Four Valve Head

Port area for Exhaust gas =(back pressure= 2.1 atm)
                                   = 11.47 sq. in.

Port area for 2.250 atm Intake gas = 22.47 sq. in.

Dual Intake Engine Has Three Conventional Valves and a Uniport Valve

Port area for Exhaust gas all provided by conventional valves (back pressure= 2.1 atm)   =  11.17 sq. in.

Port area for 1.825 atm Intake gas = 19.87 sq. in.
Port area for 2.625 atm Intake gas = 11.36 sq. in.