What is the Energy of the Future?

(Hopefully other pages on Invent Horsepower partially answer that question.)

False Answers Waste Energy, Time and Money!

Is the "Hydrogen Economy" a False Answer?

Hydrogen: Solution or Distraction?
A Pro and Con Debate between Richard Engel and Dominic Crea on the "Hydrogen Economy".
found at www.homepower.com

The Hydrogen Economy as an Illusion
A remarkable speech by Ulf Bossel
found at www.leonardo-energy.org

The Future of the Hydrogen Economy: Bright or Bleak?
17 page pdf file)
by Baldur Eliasson and Ulf Bossel
found at www.woodgas.com

Comparing Hydrogen and Electricity for Transmission, Storage and Transportation
by Patrick Mazza & Roel Hammerschlag
found at www.ilea.org

Why Not Switch to Electric Cars?
By Doug Korthof
found at http://leftcoastelectric.com/
(They Convert Cars to Run on Electricity)

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