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Double Acting Valve Aanimation.gifThe primary purpose of this site is to promote a patented double acting valve, or Dual Flow Valve (also referred to as the Uniport Valve). But I also hope this site is helpful in promoting efficient use of energy. The page promising products and companies is included to help in that regard.

A question of the current efforts to increase solar and wind generated electric power is: "What is going to fill the gap when the sun does not shine and the wind does not blow?" Distributed Energy (DE) which includes Combined Heat and Power systems (CHP) could help fill this gap. The internal combustion engines powering these systems can be fueled by biogas or producer gas made from low value organic materials, such as animal manure and wood wastes. The Dual Flow Valve can help improve the overall efficiency, while reducing capital costs, for operations of this type.

Another application for this valve is the Dual Pressure Intake Engine. This proposed
patented double acting valve used in a dual pressure intake engine_isometric view engine cycle (which would most likely be used in large stationary engines) helps improve an engine's thermal efficiency while also increasing the specific power of the engine.

Also visit
More Applications for the Uniport Valve" to see an animation of a reciprocating compressor using this Dual Flow Valve. This multistage compressor might help mix two different gases of different pressures without throttling losses.

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