Intake/Exhaust Valve ---- U.S. Patent 5,782,215
(or Uniport Valve)
Mark Engelmann

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 Mockup of Uniport Valve - Patent 5,782,215

At present if an engineer was designing a four-cycle diesel engine with large 'breathing' requirements, it probably meant they would need to use a four valve head. However, there is more complexity with fitting four ports and the required parts and runners into the head. Also with four valves in the cylinder it is unavoidable that the ports are shrouded by the cylinder walls. Also the flow out of the two intake ports has a tendency to interfere with each other's flow.

In the Uniport Valve, the intake and the exhaust port are one in the same. The one port can be made bigger than when there are ports competing for space. With the bigger port, it is easier for air to leave and enter the cylinder reducing pumping loses and increasing volumetric efficiency. Also, the port can now be put in the center of the cylinder. This should help with the flow of the incoming air since the cylinder walls are now further away. These and other factors should help improve the over all efficiency of an engine.

Operation of Uniport Valve