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The animation above shows a compressor that uses a Patented Double Acting Valve or Uniport Valve. The conventional poppet valve colored blue is actuated by the blue cam. The 'Auxiliary Valve', colored pink, is actuated by a pair of cams.  This eliminates the need for a spring for this particular part. However the other two parts are biased by springs. One spring is shown in a cross section rapped around the cylindrical part in red. Not shown is the torsion bar (similar to what was used on the Honda CB450 motorcycle) that would turn the short rocker arm which in turn helps close the conventional poppet valve.

Conventional Four Cycle Internal Combustion Engine
Conventional Four Cycle Internal Combustion Engine Presentation

Intake and Exhaust Valve Working Through a Single Port in a Conventional Four Cycle Engine
With the correct materials and  careful design the Uniport Valve could be used to handle exhaust gas too. To the left is a Conventional Four Cycle Engine using an Uniport Valve which allows both the exhaust and intake gas to pass through the same port. Click here to see a conventional four cycle internal combustion engine designed for a Harley motorcycle.

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